Børresen stands for quality and service. From casting to fitting the boats are built with the greatest care to achieve the finest standards of quality, which Børresen is world famous for among all boat builders, who themselves sail and thus are aware of the perfect function of the boat. Our customers have confidence in us and return to us form time to time to buy a new Børresen boat. Then more than 50 years of experience in the construction of regatta boats will be of benefit to you, when you decide to buy a Børresen boat.


The history


The brothers Børge and Albert Børresen built their first Dragon in the winter of 1935-36. They had sailed a little with one of the first Dragons and now they wanted a Dragon of their own.

Borge was 16 years old and had just begun as an apprentice in a boatbuilder's yard. Albert was 21 and a skilled carpenter. Their father Peter Børresen had had a boatbuilder's yard in Vejle. He died in 1920 and nothing was left of the yard. So the brothers built the Dragon in an open shed up in town in their spare time.

The dragon was sold even before it had been finished. It was the first Dragon on which the mast was moved forward, and it won a lot of prizes.

At that time the Dragon was provided with a rather large cabin so that it could also be used for family yachting. It was not the small open deckhouse that it was originally designed with and which it is built with again today.
In 1938 the first workshop was built with room for one boat.

Albert died in 1948 and BB continued with help from the family. They built Dragons, 5 Meters, but also many other boat types: motor boats, Junior boats, dinghies (40 Finn dinghies for the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1959) 5.5 Meters, Swallows, Nordic cruisers, LA cruisers, Knarrs, BB10 Meters and Solings. They built most Dragons, though: 325 in wood. At first they were built in pine and later in mahogany.

In 1971-72 BB worked out the rules for building a Dragon in fiber glass with the same weight and weight distribution as a wooden Dragon. From 1969 Borge's sons Ole and Anders worked together with him at the yard, and in 1982 they became the owners of the company. Since 1972 they have built Dragons, Solings and BB10 Meters in fiber glass. As something new they are now building Ynglings, the new Olympic Games boat; and furthermore they are once again building wooden Dragons at Børresen's yard, this time, however, it is the cold moulded version.


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